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Warm Caribbean trade winds are present all year round at Roatan’s coastline. The Kite school is open from December till September. The most consistent wind conditions are between February until the end of August when the easterly Trade Winds blow daily 15-30 knots. Mornings are generally softer with 12-20 knots from East to Southeast while the afternoons winds are stronger with 18-25 knots coming from E to Norhteast and usually cranking up 3pm to it’s strongest.

n January, the trade winds are sometimes interrupted by northerly storms bringing strong wind and rain and there for a hit or miss kind of month. February & March are the shoulder season between wet and dry season so you can find various conditions incl. the best wave conditions of the year. In the dry season, April and May, expect the strongest winds with up to 30+ days especially full moon or new moon periods are on fire.  The summer season June, July and August has been the most consistent period over the last years with 25+ days of wind consistently between 18-25 knots. December and September are the beginning and the end of the kite season the wind is weaker (8-18 knots) and less reliable. In the rainy season, October and November, the wind is difficult to predict and can come from different directions.


The water temperature is between 25°C in the winter to its warmest 29°C in the summer.

The barrier reef encloses the entire northern part of the Island. Between the reef and the 1,5 km long beach at Camp Bay is a 450 m wide kite-area. There the crystal clear water varies between 2-3 m depths. At the reef, you will find small waves and kickers to play around. Especially during the winter month storms create bigger waves.

Roatan offers a favorable tropical climate all year round, where the temperature generally ranges between 25 – 29°C.

During the year, the weather patterns can change frequently in Roatan. Mid-October to December and mid-January are the rainiest time in Roatan, but rainfall is often periodic. A typical day or week in the rainy season includes days that have partial or full sunshine, along with some occasional or continual rain.