Creating Unique and personalized Experiences.

Our years of travels around the globe have brought us to this simple but evident fact that: a unique and personalized experience was the key to our best moments where ever we where. So we started doing that. Putting together a package all the best tips we have regarding kiting on this far end of Roatan (where transport can be hard to find, infrastructure really small and access to the spot not always easy). Once you get over those few obstacles, than only you can access to what we call: our Paradise! By removing all the technical details that can transform a nice trip into a difficult one, we make sure we work with you to transform your trip not just into a nice one, but into a unique journey, we believe we hold the keys.

That’s what we truly love to do. Get a chance to live for once the lightness and simplicity of life. Get transformed by the culture, the sport and the stunning nature. This is what we stand for. We welcome you to our kitesurfing school in Roatan and our little corner of the world.


Positive and Healthy impact.

We believe that consistent gestures, even if small, lead to a bigger and stronger change. There is endless possibilities and ways of living your dream life, starting by taking consciously good care of yourself (food, exercise, nature, positive attitude), extending it to your local community, and nourishing your natural environment are just a few examples. Our services are all coloured by this philosophy. Empowering locals, creating work, and sharing our time with them is part of our schedule (Marilou teaches Yoga for kids and women in the village, Chris teaches the local kids gaining specific skills to work in the business, and Kitesurf Roatan and there clients are helping the local school and taking care of the beaches by responsibly cleaning them, etc.).


Years ago, life brought on the road two passionate person…

Chris, a Physical Education Teacher in Europe, had a profound aim of leaving his life differently. Not wasting a second, he took action and packed his bags. Not knowing the final destination, he trusted the ride and kept going forward. It’s around the globe that he started teaching full time his new dedication: Kitesurfing.

Marilou, an Occupational Therapist in Canada, was sharing the same passion for life, understanding that there was more to be seen. With commitment and will she walked her path of and became a Professional Kitesurfer. Her kiting years opened her to different perspectives. From there her real journey started.

With a hint of synchronicity, there path finally cross. They joined together there stories, knowledge and fire for life, wellness and nature and that’s how Kitesurf Roatan school was born.


We are very proud to introduce you to our local “kite crew”. The boys have been working with Roatan Kitesurf school for many years and have taken on the challenge to not only be the first local islanders to learn how to kite but exceeded and have also developed to become excellent kite instructors. It was always part of our mission to pass on our knowledge to local talent and here we go.

Junior Bodden
Kite Instructor
kite instructor at Roatan Kitesurf School
Junior is our big support from St. Helene and he is been teaching beginner lessons for 2 years. Students appreciate his calm & clear instructions. He is extremely methodical and makes sure you hit those milestones to become a self sufficient kitesurfer. You’ll be in the best hands and knowing someone is seriously looking after you and dedicated to your progress and safety.
Kite Instructor
Ellon kite instructor
Ellon is our head instructor and always around taking care of the kiteschool and guests. He started to kite in 2015, immediately it was clear he was “born ready”and improved quickly to an impressive level with sky as the only limit. He is a very dedicated teacher always hands on, with him you’ll be able to improve quickly as he did. He has gained so much experience over the years that he is in charge of the day to day. If he isn’t teaching and there is wind you’ll guaranteed find him going all out in front of the Lodge. If you see him don’t be shy to say hi.
Kite Instructor
jardale kite instructor at Roatan Kitesurfing School
Jardale has been helping us since Day 1 when we used to live door by door in the village. Many guests have him in good memory because of his kind personality and helpful attitude. He usually is assisting on the beach or driving the rescue boat but has started to do the next step and is assisting us on beginner lessons and taking on supervision with guests not quite ready to be by themselves. Invite him for a boardgame or any other fun activity if you want to get to know him.