Kitesurf Rental

Kitesurf Rental is now available. All our kites and boards are made from the high quality brand Core Kiteboarding from Germany.

In order to rent kitesurf equipment you have to be an independent Kitesurfer. You should be able to ride upwind, turn and know how to perform a self-rescue.

For our students it will be possible to rent the material if your instructor assess that you have the required level.

Equipment   All Day All Week Book Now Hour
Full Gear  $90 US  $540 US
Twin Tip  $40 US  $200 US
Surf Board   $50 US  $250 US
Kite & Bar   $75 US  $450 US
Hydrofoil  $90 US  $540 US
 Harness  $10 US  $ 50 US  Book on site  $5

  • Required Level: navigation up wind, turning, autonomy and self-rescue.
  • It is our responsibility to refuse rental if your level does not adhere the criteria.
  • In case of any accident “Kitesurf Roatan S.A.” holds no liability.
  • A liability insurance for kitesurfing is recommended for all rentals.
  • A 20% deposit will be required before hiring.
  • In case of loss or damage you’ll be responsible for the cost of repair / value of the equipment.

We advice everybody to take a comprehensive insurance coverage for a possible damage due to improper or irresponsible use of the kite equipment.

For Worlwide protection we suggest you to take the VDWS SafetyTool which costs only 39 Euros a year:

  • Comprehensive Insurance, covers damage or destruction of the rented equipment.
  • Protection of third party liability, coverage € 3.000.000 lump sum for bodily injury / property damage.
  • Accident Insurance,  covers all water sport related accidents.